Heladeria en Bilbao - Nossi-Bé
Master ice cream woman
Esther Ortiz Lopez enters into the world of ice cream from his father, Victoriano Ortiz, who runs 'Nossi-Bé' from 1975, and who twenty-three years later was named the most veteran ice cream man in Spain.

When she was a child, Esther participated actively in the daily life of the ice cream parlor. She learnt at an early age to develop both different crafts, like dealing with the public and other services.

In 1992 she graduated in Journalism. This academic training was supplemented with additional formation in hospitality and culinary innovation at the prestigious Basque Culinary Center. Also noteworthy qualifying as 'University expert in traditional elaboration of ice creams” issued by the Faculty of Chemistry and Food Science, University of Alicante.

When in 2000 she took over the management of 'Nossi-Be,' decided to combine theknowledgeofinheritedcraftsmanshipwithnew methodologies andinnovative ingredients. This is how the ice cream takes great credit for the original flavors offered.

Esther Ortiz Lopez is characterized by a pastry chef and culinary practice with own personality and character evolving. She stands by her restless and creative side, with perseverance in researching new techniques and ingredients.

A master in permanent vanguard, who expresses herselfthroughself-createdice creams influencedby Cantabrianand Basqueroots, and through worship to the raw material to achieve excellence always.

“Through my creations, I propose a journey through the world of ice cream. A dream of flavors and emotions of simple traditions and vanguards that explode with flavor”
Esther Ortiz López

Nossi-be , C/ Navarra 1 - C/Arenal 1 -

944 233 489

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