Heladeria en Bilbao - Nossi-Bé
Make the best ice creams. That's the aim of Nossi - Bé. And we know that to achieve this, the key to success is to pursue excellence in the ingredients.

We share with you our passion for the products of the land, and seek the finest ingredients around the world.

That is why we carefully select the best raw materials:

- Natural seasonal fruits or wild fruits
- Exotic fruits imported from Brazil
- Vanilla bourbon brought from the remote island of Madagascar
- The finest Belgian cocoa seed
- The finest cocoas of origin (Tanzania, Santo Domingo, extra bitter Guayaquil ...)
- Freshly toasted California walnuts
- Piedmont hazelnuts
- Pistachios from Sicily
- The Valencians tiger nuts juiciest
- Pure cream
- High quality fructose
- Brown cane sugar
- Best cheeses
- Certificate of origin wines
And many more!
Heladeria en Bilbao - Nossi-BéHeladeria en Bilbao - Nossi-BéHeladeria en Bilbao - Nossi-BéHeladeria en Bilbao - Nossi-Bé

Nossi-be , C/ Navarra 1 - C/Arenal 1 -

944 233 489

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