Heladeria en Bilbao - Nossi-Bé
The philosophy that runs our work is the synthesis of our past, present and future. And it´s based on four fundamental pillars: TRADITION, INNOVATION, QUALITY and PROFESSIONALISM.

Tradition. In 'Nossi-Be' we believe in the undeniable wisdom that lies in the expertise of always and in the traditional products. We transform the ingredients into ice cream with different flavors, textures, aromas and colors according to centenarians recipes.

Innovation. In our opinion, the application of new techniques and the investigation of different components are very important, when preparing them and when presenting them.

Quality. The wide range of ice cream flavors, natural chufa orgeat, the hot chocolate, tasty waffles ... All our products are artisans and they are made with natural ingredients. And this ensures an excellent quality.
Each product is made with natural ingredients of the highest quality, and is free from hydrogenated vegetable fats.

Professionalism. Our desire is to share the deepest emotions and sensations which ice cream offers. And we know that this is achieved by ensuring the quality at work and excellence of care.
This philosophy, responsible for our daily life, makes anyone who approaches 'Nossi-Be' find the most distinguished behavior, and the most delicious ice cream.

Heladeria en Bilbao - Nossi-BéHeladeria en Bilbao - Nossi-BéHeladeria en Bilbao - Nossi-BéHeladeria en Bilbao - Nossi-Bé

Nossi-be , C/ Navarra 1 - C/Arenal 1 -

944 233 489

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