Heladeria en Bilbao - Nossi-Bé
Nossi - Bé proposes a high quality ice cream which represents all the expertise of their masters of ice cream. The keys of their product are a careful craftsmanship and an highest quality ingredients, resulting in a unique and completely natural product.

The master artisan produces each ice cream based on original recipes that were passed on her family generation by generation. The work is performed tirelessly throughout the year to achieve unique organoleptic properties.

Their offer includes more than 150 different flavors, from the classics to innovative like cheese plates, wine list and signature dishes of traditional Basque cuisine.

But its range takes into account all types of customer and that is why we also offer ice cream for those who have to take care of their diet. In this way, we can find ice creams:
- Sugar free
- Eggs free
- Cholesterol free

- Lactose free, made with organic soy milk or rice milk.
-To restore or improve health. Those are rich in antioxidants and / or fiber, made with spirulina alga or other varieties of digestive herbs.

It is for these reasons that this product enchants for more than a century to all tastes, responds to any claims and it never disappoints.
Heladeria en Bilbao - Nossi-BéHeladeria en Bilbao - Nossi-BéHeladeria en Bilbao - Nossi-BéHeladeria en Bilbao - Nossi-Bé

Nossi-be , C/ Navarra 1 - C/Arenal 1 -

944 233 489

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